Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new thing....

One of the few drawbacks to my job is that I don't get out of the house much.  I have five little ones in my daycare so the school day is spent inside these four walls.  Probably one of the things I miss most is Tuesday morning Bible study at my church.  I enjoyed seeing those ladies every week, but even more I appreciated (and needed) the Bible study accountability. I need something that keeps me in the Word each day.  So I am off to a new adventure of trying an online Bible study.  Aside from Facebook, I have never really interacted "socially" online, but I've decided that with this I need to go 100% or not do it.  (Or, as I say to my boys on the football field "Go Big, or just go home")  The accountability won't really be there if I don't interact online.  Part of that interaction is "Blog Hop Thursday". This is also my first participation in a Blog Hop!  I normally am just a lurker in these types of things.  So, if you are in the same predicament as me and simply cannot make it to a Bible study during this stage of your life, or would like to try an online study for a completely different reason, join me!  It would be fun to see some familiar faces in the comment sections.  I already talked one of my friends into doing it with me.  I am participating in the Proverbs 31 study going through Renee Swope's book A Confident Heart.  Click here to sign up! It starts this Sunday. And you can look forward to a weekly post from me on our study.

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Lauren said...

Glad to have you along! "Go big or go home"... Love it! You're right, the more you interact, the more you'll get from the study. it can be overwhelming but don't get discouraged!!! Praying for you as you join in on the journey to A Confident Heart. Welcome!
Lauren, P31 OBS Blog Hop Team