Monday, October 14, 2013

Watch out squirrels.....

If any of you are familiar with my family at all then you are most likely aware that "the bullhorn" is an avid hunter.  I have always been the supportive hunter's wife. It honestly has never bothered me.  I grew up around hunting and the frugal in me appreciated a hobby that could also put food on the table. (Can you eat a golf ball?) When we were first married I joined Joe and his dad on an early morning of squirrel hunting. I enjoyed my hike through the woods and learned somethings along the to watch for swinging branches, how to be "stealthy in the woods", and, most importantly, when to talk (pretty much never a good time to chat it up).  Then we moved, jobs and seminary consumed our lives; then we moved again and young children consumed our lives.  Joe has frequently commented on how nice it would be to enjoy the woods together. Life kept interfering with his dream...until this weekend.  We were discussing our date night options and I suggested maybe we go squirrel hunting. The weather has been unbelievable the last few days and I wanted to be outside. I knew the Bullhorn had been wanting to get in the woods as well.  Well, that suggestion threw my husband into a flurry of activity to make it happen.  There was a license to purchase and evidently clothes to buy (what girl doesn't enjoy her hubby suggesting she get some new clothes!). So it was off to Bass Pro after church yesterday.  Here's a pic of my new duds....

I got a great pair of pants and a shirt. If you can't see the difference between the shirt and pants that is a good thing. By the way I had no idea how many different camo patterns there were. There is Mossy Oak and RealTree (and I am sure others) and then variations of each of those. I got RealTree AP (stands for all purpose). So the next time your man teases about the different variations of red lipstick you can simply point out the variations of camo gear.

So with clothing on, hinting license tucked safely in my pocket, we were off to the woods in search of squirrels.  I think the squirrels heard a newby was coming and decided to go into hiding. I saw 2 and  got a shot at one. It fell out of the tree, but it was more of a leap then it was a fall of death. All in all it was a fabulous date in the woods with my man even though we didn't come home with any food.          

A word to all you wives out there, if things have gotten routine in your marriage lately and you are fresh out of date ideas, may I suggest a date doing whatever your husband enjoys most. Whether it is golf, fantasy football, or even hunting give it a try. You might see a big smile emerge on his face and you might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

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