Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whew...time to catch up....

Time for some bullet points on what has been going on in the Horn house.......

  • I got my plants in the ground.  My kids love Brussels sprouts so when I was at the store and saw a box of them, I grabbed it and the other one too.  They were the last two so I figured I should grab them because I doubt that they are going to restock those.  It was only later when a friend pointed it out that I realized that I brought home 18 plants.  Yes...18.  I meant to purchase several, but not quite that many.  Hopefully, they freeze well.
  • The boys have been arguing over who gets to mow the lawn.  It could have something to do with the fact that we are paying a little bit of money for it to get mowed.  Nahh...I am sure they are just being helpful and enjoy the accomplishment.
  • Sara has a social studies teacher who enjoys quizzes and tests.  She has actually learned A LOT this year.  So have I as I am the designator "quizzor".  For example, did you know that before Springfield was the capital of Illinois there were two other cities that were.  Kaskaskia and Vandalia.  How do we remember "Vandalia" for the test?  It is an onion that drives a van.  Get it?  I thought that was one of my better memory triggers for her.....
  • The winter was hard on us in more ways then one, but specifically it was hard on our waistlines.  I think we must have all just sat around and ate while it was freezing cold outside.  So we have been enjoying the outdoors and "enjoying" our current workout schedules.
  • We've been hanging out in the school gym bleachers lately between concerts and award ceremonies. I have a tip for some of the others out there doing that.  Don't spend an hour planting your garden before you then go and sit in the bleachers at a band concert for almost two hours.  Your back will thank you if you take my advice.
  • Speaking of awards, here's a summary of what my blessed and gifted children have earned this year:

  • Both girls won "Unsung Hero Awards" from our local Optimist Club.  Sara was nominated by the sponsor of the Team TRRFC club at school and Ashley was nominated by her teacher Mr. Webb.  It was a great honor for both of them.
  • Nathan won the Sparky award in AWANA for completing all three Sparky books.
  • Sara won Outstanding Musician for the 7th grade for this year.
  • Sara was also chosen as Honorary Usher for 8th grade graduation.  So proud of her for being selected.  You have to have the grades, character and be nominated by the teachers.  It is a great honor for her.

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