Friday, September 26, 2014

Middle of Football season!

We are right in the middle of the boys' football season here!  Last night was so much fun.  Nathan's team got to scrimmage with a neighboring communities team at their high school field, under the lights with AstroTurf!  And, while they didn't win, they played by far their best game yet.  The high school band needed practice, and so we even got to have them play for halftime.  It was so. fun.  And I had these fabulous pictures of the evening and managed to delete them this morning.  Don't ask me is still too painful to talk about.  So let your imagination run wild and that is what the pictures looked like.  Here are some pics of my boys.   I am going to try to get some more action pics of them tomorrow and will, hopefully, manage to post them before I delete them.
Oh goodness...the handsomeness of this picture.  And they look so huge in their pads!  And trust me when I say you do not want them to hit you unless you are also wearing pads!

"Big John" and "Big J" is what he is known as on the football field.  He plays offensive line and has been playing a little on the defensive line this year as well.

"Big Nate" (notice a theme?) and "NateO" is what he is known as on the football field.  He plays center on offense and defensive line. 

Nate is number 57 this year.

This pretty much sums up the girls at football games...snack time!
John is number 76

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