Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Sunday

Sundays can be crazy days at our house, but several years ago The Lord made the importance of sabbath and rest so clear to both Joe and I. So when we get home from a long (but good!) morning and early afternoon (our small group meets after right after church) with our church family, we hit the bed for a nap. I LOVE is one of my favorite hobbies and I don't get to enjoy that hobby near enough.  And then this is typically where you find us....

You can't tell, but that is football on the tv. (The Broncos are getting whipped up on, but if anyone can bring them back it would be Manning.)  I don't even get up to make supper.  On Sunday evenings we have the same thing for supper every week.  It is a special I like to call " get your owny".  I try to ignore any laundry or dishes and chill out.  Hoping your Sundays are filled with as much relaxing and resting as ours is! (It is certainly much easier to rest at our house when the Colts are playing as well as they did today!  ;) )

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