Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh the things they say and do.....

**So this morning my gate wasn't working.  We have a gate that keeps the dog in the kitchen and the daycare kids out of it.  I got a brand new one this year because I think all of us had suffered some sort of injury the past year climbing over the other one.  Our family is obviously not made for running the hurdles.  So I invested in a really nice one that has a swinging gate.  I. Love. It.  And it wasn't working this morning.  I couldn't/didn't have time to fix it.  So I mentioned to Nate (the only one left at home) that it wasn't working.  Within two minutes Nate had it fixed for me without me even asking him to take a look at it.  So I gave him a huge hug and was having a mom moment...ahh my son is growing up and maturing....what a wonderful moment.  In the middle of the hug and compliments and I love you's Nate pipes up and says..."You're welcome.  That will be a dollar mom (long pause while I look down and give him a raised eyebrow)....or love, lots of love)".  Sigh.....I gave him 50 cents for making me laugh.

**we have been going through Genesis in our family Bible time.  We are at the point where Jacob has left with his entire family and possessions and is about to see Esau again.  Yesterday Joe read about how Jacob asked God for help and then sent everyone ahead of him to meet Esau.  Then Joe asked the question...What did Jacob do that was good?  There was silence for a time and then Ashley spoke up complete with jazz hands, "Well, he provided entertainment for the entire desert. It probably looked like a circus." 

**yesterday was picture day for my older three. My girls were having a slight, ahem, discussion about shirts and whose were whose,etc.  Somewhere in the discussion the subject of a white turtleneck came up.  Nathan had been observing and listening and decides to join in....."I LOVE turtlenecks!  They are super yummy!" He's says with that everlasting twinkle in his eye.

****with a family of six and then having six additional kids coming in and out of the house with my daycare, my kids have gotten used to me going through for or five names before I get to theirs when I am talking to them or simply being called a name that is not their own. I called Ashley "Amy" yesterday...just flat out, didn't even stumble over it.  There is no one that goes in and out of my house everyday named Amy.  I have a good friend named that, but know no children named that. I have no idea where it even came from and neither does anyone else.  The whole room went silent as all the kids just looked at me and the look on Ashley's face said it all "Amy? Mom? really?!"  It was like they were ok with all the other names, but I had definitely crossed a line.

And these pictures are a reminder to me that my girls really do love each...they were hanging out together yesterday afternoon.  Sara even had Ashley look over her math for her. (They are basically in the same math class). Cannot even express how much I love these moments....

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