Friday, October 17, 2014

The agony of de"feet"

So as I mentioned in a previous post, we had a rainy morning the other day.  Joe and I needed to make a trip to the store.  As we were making our list the subject of Nathan's shoes came up.  That boys goes through shoes like crazy and he had developed a hole in his current pair. We checked and he had also grown out of them so we measured to see what size he would need.  A size 8 folks...a men's size 8. And, yes, he has a birthday coming up, but he is 8. Years. Old.  So in the spirit of friendly competition ( because family competition is always friendly, right?😉) we decided to have the kids compare feet.  First up, the eldest son...

Nate is on the right. John is on the left and 21 months older than Nate. Yep...Nate wins. Poor John.

Nate is again on the right.  Big sis is on the left.  This is the oldest sis Sara...she's 13.  Yep...Nate wins again.

And this is Nate on the right with Ashley in the left. While Ashley wanted to claim victory, I think this was officially called a draw by the judges.  And, unfortunately (or fortunately since she is a girl!), Nate has the advantage since she is 12 and her feet haven't grown in a year.
And, finally, the big dog.  Dad is still significantly ahead, but again Nate is 8.  Someday I am sure Nathan will pass him up and Joe will suffer the agony of the de"feet". 

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