Monday, October 13, 2014

A rainy afternoon and a chuckle....

Today we have all been home with nothing to do.  Do you have any idea how rare that is.  So we measured feet this morning. What? That isn't what you do on a rainy day.  That post will be later.  Sara headed over to our fitness center for a class this afternoon and a joe and I made our way to the grocery store.  Aldi had honeycrisp apples for 99 cents a pound and galas for 50 cents a pound and joe wanted to see how I would do in the car. And Nathan needed a new pair of tennis shoes. Sadly...not good on the car front.  But we have tons of apples. I was able to peel some this afternoon. They are in the crockpot smelling yummy for some applesauce.  Most of the afternoon has been spent reading and listening to some Norah Jones.

We were just settling in for some family time of Once Upon a Time when someone commented on being excited.  I started singing "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it".  Sara say "that should be a song." Obviously we need to expose her to some more of the classics...sigh.

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