Thursday, November 13, 2014

Veteran's Day 2014

I love what my kids's schools do to celebrate Veteran's Day. The older three are involved in a club that organizes a breakfast and then they hold an assembly. At Nathan's school the 2nd and 3rd graders walk to the cemetery to watch the ceremony. This year Nathan was also able to attend the assembly at the older threes' school.  Nate's school is raising money for the honor flight and he was chosen to attend and help collect money.  

As part of the assembly they chose students to share their essays on what veterans mean to them.  Ashley was honored to be chosen to share hers this year.  Here is her essay:

When I thought of what to do for a Veteran's Day project, I first thought of who veterans are.  That's simple.  I thought "a veteran is a person who has fought in a war."

Honestly, though, I think that people sometimes take seriously the importance of veterans, but undermine the importance of war.  When thinking about battle, we occasionally replace gore with glory. We see photographs in history books of George Washington kneeling proudly at the front of a boat with a cape draped over one shoulder, and his chest puffed out. We see pictures of men pushing the flag of the United States to an upright position.

We neglect, however, to remember the gross, gory, humbling moments that form the honorable men and women.  We forget the times these people were in knee deep in mud, watching grenades explode as sweat and blood drip down their calloused skin. We forget the bombs and bullets that pierce the hearts of people who lose loved ones.  We forget the tears shed in an attempt to fill the void where loved ones used to be.

Veterans themselves, have to sometimes live with the fact that they took another person's life.  That was someone's mother, or father, brother or sister. That was someone's best friend.

Veterans, though, keep me safe.  They fight for every citizen so others don't have to.  For that, I am eternally grateful.  They keep America beautiful.  That is why, for my Veteran's Day project, I decided to explain what a veteran meant to me.  I will always appreciate veterans because of what they do to protect my country from sea to shining sea.

Here's some pics....A huge thank you to my friend Kelsey for taking pics and video for me since neither Joe or I were able to go!

Nathan at the cemetery with his class.

The band and choir performed Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Ashley is singing in the front row and Sara is in the blue hoodie playing her flute.

Nathan with his fellow third graders getting ready to collect money.

Ashley reading her essay.

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