Thursday, April 10, 2008

My smart mommy moment

I accomplished a mighty task today--I built a small ranch. It was for my son John who, after it was finished, noted my accomplishment with these words of affirmation "I didn't know if you could do it mom, but you did. You are such a smart mommy!!" Here's the pictures to prove it:



The Rosetto's said...

Lovely, but why does the roof look crooked??? Just given ya a hard time. My lincoln log building experience is only of small perfectly square buildings. You are a smart mommy!

Garden Girl said...

Okay, my dear friend HHM. Does the term "ranch-style" house ring a bell? Have you ever seen a "ranch-style" house. I believe them to all be one-level. What you have there, is a bona fide FORT! And, IMHO, way cooler than a ranch.

Just having fun with ya. :P