Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the weather channel...

So I've been trying to do some kind of walking every M, W, & F. If it is raining, like it was this morning, I make my way to the gym. (Now before I continue my story, I should mention that in the mornings when I visit the gym it is filled mainly with the senior citizens of our community.) I've been doing the treadmill and have actually started running some. I hate to run so I always seek some major distraction while I'm doing it. There is a row of TVs so that is usually where I focus. The last two weeks every time I've hit the gym the weather channel is on at least one of the TVs. Seriously, the weather channel?! That is only exciting and distracting if there happens to be a tornado headed my way and if the tornado siren is blaring I doubt that I'd be running on a treadmill. This morning it was on two of the five TVs. It definitely proves Joe's long running comment on the weather channel--it's MTV for old people. I've probably just offended a bunch of not so elderly people that enjoy the weather channel--but seriously--in a gym??!!

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