Monday, June 9, 2008

do you know how to spell roly poly bugs aka potato bugs?

John's quips of the day:

  • As I stumbled blurry-eyed out of my bedroom this morning this was the question posed to me from John--still in his bed: "Do grasshoppers eat roly-poly bugs Mommy?" Do you know the answer to that question? Fortunately, Joe did and he happened to be awake enough to answer it. (and just now Joe and I had a waaay too long of a discussion on how to even spell roly-poly bugs)
  • "Mommy, I'm wicked hungry" (okay, so maybe we've watched The Incredibles one too many times)


The Rosetto's said...

seriously u should stay in bed longer

i have a headache cuz i got up before 7

Anna said...

I LOVE the Incredibles!!! Dash is so cute!