Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Ashley's birthday was last Sunday and she turned 7! We had such fun celebrating especially with the new puppy in the house. Her cake of choice was German chocolate and she choose to take chocolate cupcakes with white icing and M&Ms to celebrate with her friends at school.
Ashley loves science and her current passion is crystals and gems. She got this from her Aunt Alissa. She also got some super cute clothes from Uncle Steve & Aunt Mandy. (I didn't upload them b/c it took me 3 days just to get these loaded).

This is Ashley with her American Girl doll Josephina. Her new blanket is sitting next to her on her chair. It has princess poodles on it and completely fits Ashley's personality. It's hard to believe she's 7!


Mary said...

Looks like a great birthday! I didn't realize how close in age she and Desiree are! And I'm shocked by all the coincidences. She is also turning 7. Also asked for German Chocolate cake. Also getting a crystal set and a blanket with princess puppies (but different). But alas, she has requested to take in Hannah Montana cupcakes from the local grocery store. Can't win against Hannah. Never had a chance.

thehes said...

Wow...SEVEN! Amazing! (I esp. like Nathan's face in the background of Ashley & Josephina. Seems to say, "Ohhhhh GREAT! ANOTHER DOLL in the house! Girls' birthdays are soooo lame.") =)