Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's just hope they never get seperated from me

In an effort to practice our emergency procedures should my children ever get separated from me for some tragic reason, I was going over questions and answers with my boys.

Mommy: What is mommy's name?
John & Nathan (in unison): Mommy
Mommy: Um, well, what does Daddy call Mommy?
John: Karen
Mommy (realizing this wouldn't be the question asked them): So what is mommy's name?
John: Mommy Karen Horn
Mommy: Okay, let's try again. What is my name?
John: Karen Horn
Mommy: Yeah John! Nathan, what is mommy's name?
Nathan (looking at me as if I had completely lost my mind because I didn't know my name) very emphatically: Mommy!
Mommy: Okay, let's try one more time, what is my name?
John & Nathan (in unison): Mommy Karen Horn
Mommy--sigh: Well, at least we've got it in there somewhere.

You should have seen Nathan's face when I asked him where he lived. Let's just say that conversation started with the answer of "with mommy" of course.....


Mary said...

Cute. :)

If it's any consolation, they DO ask "What does Daddy call her?" if the child answers "Mommy". I understand that sometimes leads to some interesting answers, though, so I'd still keep working on the name thing!

thehes said...

Well, let's just hope if they get separated from you they don't get separated from each other! =)

Our kid will be in even more trouble. "What does daddy call mommy?" "Old Lady" (That's the transliteration of the Chinese word "wife.") HAHAHA!