Sunday, March 22, 2009

The latest addition to the Horn herd...

introducing....Sophie! Sophie was born on Christmas day and is a miniature dachshund. And I think she is perhaps the greatest dog ever and I definitely think the rest of the family would agree with me. She has just the right mix of hyper and cuddly. My perception of her is also helped by the fact that she hasn't chewed my slippers yet and likes me. She did take my blanket (anyone who lives in our house knows which blanket is mom's blanket) this morning but she was very gentle and just took a nap on it. I didn't even mind.

She's technically a gift for Ashley for her birthday, but she's also the "family dog". We've been trying to strike the right balance between those two things. (The kitchen timer has been involved in striking this balance.)
This picture is to prove her gentleness. If you know my Sara at all, you know that dogs are perhaps her least favorite thing in the world. She and Sophie have become good friends and her lap is one of Sophie's favorite.

Sophie's first bath. She took the water well. We'll see how she does after she gets used to the house and realizes that she can try to climb out of the tub.
My computer has been giving me fits lately. Once it is in a better mood I'll get a better picture posted--one that is closer up.

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Kendra said...

oh yay! I am so glad you guys got a dog! she is adorable! :)