Saturday, May 9, 2009

our coolness factor

WOW! I almost forgot to post today and that would have ruined my goal of posting everyday for 2 weeks. Part of the reason it almost slipped my mind is because we did some brief traveling. We left yesterday after school and headed to Indiana for an overnight stay. Our brother-in-law was in for a short visit from overseas so we got to see him and hang out with all the Horn clan. A good time was had by all. It was a very, very good trip for us. I did learn something about myself though. I've become old and uncool in my kids' eyes. Well, at least my girls' eyes. On the way there, Joe and I did our normal road trip routine and spent about 30 minutes "jamming" in the front seat. Normally our children enthusiastically join in. Not this time--the party poopers were in the very back and we couldn't even convince them to smile (although I suspect that there were some grins when my back was turned). Honestly, we didn't really care--we were still cool in our eyes--despite the odd looks from all the truckers.

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Garden Girl said...

Oh, man, it would be scary for Mike and me to go a road trip with you guys..... ;) :O