Friday, May 8, 2009

recent happenings

What's been happening lately:

Sara went on her field trip yesterday to a local museum yesterday. She's growing up--they didn't ask for any parent volunteers. I was a little sad.

Ashley reached her 100 books read mark for the year and got to go out to eat with her teacher at McDonalds

John is super, super, duper into his Legos. He's going to be bummed when he finds out that the pirate ship to go with all his pirates that he was going to buy with his piggy bank money costs $100

Nathan has decided to go through life forehead first. He has three very distinct, comment provoking bumps & scratches on his head. They are from three different incidents. How do you scratch your head on the ultra safety McDonalds playland?

I was just downstairs in our playroom in the basement and there were 10 Barbies laying on the floor--all very naked

Joe & I have become work out junkies the last few weeks. We're kind of dangerous when we go and do the treadmills together at the local gym. We certainly can't let the other one go further or faster than we are. I almost ran a mile this morning just so I could keep up with him. (I HATE running!)

I gave Sophie a bath yesterday (that's our dog for those of you who may not remember). It's a big day for all of us. This is the first time that we are leaving her with someone since we got her. I had to resist the urge to write out detail instructions for her. What's been running through my mine all morning..."repeat after me, she's just a dog!"

I've been busy playing in the dirt lately. Watch for pictures to come...

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