Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The morning birds

So last night's orange chicken was a big hit. To quote Joe: "That was the best thing you've cooked in months!" Thanks....I think... Anyway, that has nothing to do with this post. Just thought you'd like to know how my new recipe turned out.

I am an early riser--some would call me a morning bird. I always have been. My mom tells stories of me playing my record player at the break of dawn when I was growing up. I generally wake up at 5am sans alarm. It is very difficult for me to go back to sleep if I wake up then. So I get up and get my day started. I used to think that I was an odd duck, but that all changed today. I realized I just wasn't with all the other morning birds. Today I found them at the gym! I've been trying to figure out how to make use of our gym membership. They provide childcare so I could technically go during the day, but you have to pay for the childcare and this cheap girl just couldn't convince herself that she should pay for it. So I finally figured out I could go in the morning while everyone else is asleep. (Not really sure why it took me so long to conclude this). This morning was my first day at the gym. I arrived at 5:15am not really sure what to expect. It was awesome. The first person I saw was just as awake as I was and said "good morning!" And they were all like that. I don't get very many chipper good mornings at my house. I was so excited that when I returned home I forgot that I was no longer in the land of morning birds. Joe told me "one word, honey, decaf". I quickly informed him that I hadn't even had any coffee yet this morning. To which he stared at me, shook his head and mumbled something about making sure that I was still going to fix him some coffee. Sigh, I think I'm going to like this morning gym thing.


Anna said...

lol, Karen! Glad you found out where all the other morning birds are! I'm *such* a night person!

And, WTG on getting to the gym! What do you do there? elliptical? treadmill? a class?

Mom said...

Good for you, Karen. I've been exercising in the am also--but not at 5 am.