Thursday, August 27, 2009

Out of the mouths...

What's been heard at my house lately:

Mom: "How was your day Ashley?" Ashley: "I fell out my chair."

In addition to learning letters and reviewing shapes, John has been learning about fire drills and firemen. So last night he gave us a discourse on what to do in case of a fire and details about what could happen if you don't follow the intructions exactly. John loves rules that he can follow.

Nathan (in a complete panic concerning the baby I'm watching): "Mom, she doesn't have any teeth!!! " It took me awhile to convince him that she's absolutely normal and will eventually have teeth.

Sara: "It itches and then it hurts and then it itches." She has developed a mysterious rash on her forhead. We haven't figured out what she is reacting to yet, but it obviously is bugging her since I've heard this from her many times and she's not exactly one to fuss about.

Me: "I'm tired" Okay so I've not been getting my naps lately and this is a must for a morning person like me. Ya gotta sleep sometime! I'm adjusting to having a 4 month old in the house.

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