Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday tidbits

So here's what's been going on:

  • I accidently bought white bread instead of wheat bread last week. I can't even blame my children for distracting me. I only had one of them with me. You would think I was wrapping their PB&J in lollipops. They love it and they love me for buying it for them. Shhhh...don't tell them it was an accident.
  • Ahhh, I love babies. I've got one in my house now M-F during the school day. It's been so great.
  • I have orange chicken in my oven right now. A new recipe--it smells great! We'll see if it is as big of a hit as the white bread.
  • With all this cool weather I'm ready for some football! I find myself on the couch every Sunday afternoon flipping the channels wishing for some Colts blue. I'm not sure what has happened to me over the years. I was brought up a basketball girl (and watched baseball with my mom in the summer), but in all my moving around the country football has definitely become my first love.
  • We kicked off our annual Pasta with the Pastor Saturdays this last weekend. They are so fun. Last year it was pizza. Hmmm, wonder what "p" dish we could do next year...pickles?

Timer went off, starving family, time to get off the computer.


LivingFree said...

Pie with the Pastor sounds better than pickles;D

The Bullhorn said...

Just so long as it's lemon meringue!