Sunday, May 23, 2010

our recent visit

My house is so quiet this morning I'm starting to think that I'm missing someone. Oh wait, I am! Nathan isn't here. We did a quick visit to Grandpa and Grandma Horn's yesterday and Nathan got to stay. He begs to stay every time we go and this time we were able to make it work. He's been feeling a little left out lately with all the end of school activities the other kids have been participating in, so this is a good reward for his patience. We got in a little fishing yesterday, met baby Michaela (so cute and such a sweet baby! I couldn't get enough of her!!), hung out with the other cousins and really enjoyed having all the Horn's together. It is a rare event so we cherish it. We will get one more chance to do it in July before the He family heads back home. Here's some pics of the day:

Ashley and her cousin Lydia were inseparable most of the day.

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