Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favorite Things--Day 14

Ashley Rose. She's sitting in my kitchen peeling potatoes right now. We're chatting about the Titantic. She loves to peel potatoes and chatting about what she's read recently. She wants to be a geologist and enjoys Anne of Green Gables. We can't keep enough books in this girl's library. She is truly an intellectual for a third grader. One of her favorite movies right now is The Star of Bethlehem which goes into all the astronomy related to Christ's birth, death and resurrection. I love her glasses and her sense of style. One of her other loves is drama. We went to the Madrigal at the high school the other day and I couldn't help but have visions of her loving life and performing when she is in that school in 6 years. My second born and definitely one of my favorite kids in this world.

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