Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Things--Day 16

Santa! We are an odd family when it comes to Santa Clause. We practice Santa Clause traditions, but have told our kids that he's not real. He's kind of like Cinderella and Superman at our house. It creates an interesting dynamic with our kids. On the one hand they know in their heads that he's not real, but on the other hand what if mom & dad are wrong? We probably should be good just in case... I love the way my kids light up with Santa. The innocence of children their joyful approach to life is captured at Christmas. I'm approaching the last years of experiencing this. All my kids still enjoy seeing Santa, but Nathan is the only one who "lights up" at his appearance. Santa showed up at John's Christmas program last night. Nathan got to give him a hug and Santa gave him a candy cane. According to Nathan, this was definitely the real Santa. One of the other little girls asked him, and Santa said "Of course, I'm real." Ashley's letter along with her classmates' letters to Santa this year got published in our local paper. Here's what Ashley decided to talk to Santa about:

Dear Santa,

Can you please get skinnier for me? I've been a good girl this year. I really want a camera and a lava lamp. Anything else you have in your sack for me give to the poor children. I hope you can read my writing. Oh, and for Christmas I also really, really, reallly want to ride on Dancer.

Your Friend,

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