Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 came in like a...

slow turtle at our house. We have been so relaxed in 2011 so far that you might call us lazy. Our kids don't head back to school until the 10th so we are still on Christmas break. And, up until today, Joe was able to join us. Our days have consisted of legos, shrinky dink jewelry, Wii (Yes! we got one), and late night movies (Joe & I have been working our way through Middle Earth). Reality is starting to come back into clear view as Joe heads back to work and things like doctor's appointments and an empty pantry are starting to interfere with our relaxation.

I've set three goals for myself so far this year:

  • Have more fun with my kids (I know...for it to be a true goal it needs to be measurable. I'm trying to come up with a way of measuring this.)
  • Complete the 365 Project. You can see and follow that here: http://365project.org/hornherd/365/2011-01-01
  • Take better care of my fingernails. (I bet you weren't expecting that one!) I have horrible looking nails and while I was spurring on my daughters not to chew their nails, I was motivated. So, by the end of the year (and, yes, it might take that long) I would like to get them looking good enough to actually be able to do a french manicure on them.

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