Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love these kids!!

My husband bought me a new computer yesterday and then spent the day getting it all set up for me. Yeah! My old one finally bit the dust and decided not to boot up any longer. It had given me plenty of warning so I fortunately had everything backed up. I spent the afternoon with the kids getting each of them an account set up on this computer. The girls are going to start needed it more for school work and they enjoy having their own settings, pictures, etc. And we FINALLY got the pictures from the girls' cameras downloaded onto the computer. They've only had them since Christmas :) . There were a few really good shots that I thought I would share with you. The one above is of Sara and Nathan.

Nathan on the run. Love this one because this is how I normally see him.

Sara and John...I can't tell you how many pictures of tongues I saw. Crazy...and probably a preview of what I will see on facebook once they turn 13.

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