Thursday, October 13, 2011


If my computer was human, it would be in hospice care right now. It is only a matter of time before we say so long to this one I'm afraid. We will see if it will give me another blog post. I finally got the pictures off my phone and thought I'd share what we've been up to. Some is old news, but still worth noting.

Ashley was baptized in August. What a AWESOME day!

We checked out the Illinois state fair this summer. While in Springfield we checked out the new Scheel's sporting good store. They have a ferris wheel. in. the. store. So we went for a ride. Here are girls on their way up.

On Labor Day a WWII navy vessel was visiting a local town nearby. I can't remember the official name of the ship, but it is the last running transport ship for WWII. Very fascinating.

Here we are on the ship.

The boys got to be in their first parade. It was Homecoming and they are football players.

First day of school. Can't remember if I posted this yet this year. If I did, that's okay. It is a good picture and worth a repeat view.

My parents were here for Ashley's baptism so we decided to go for a family shot. I seem to recall my words right before this picture was taken was something like...."Cut it out and everyone pretend we are very happy to be getting our picture taken!" I think we may have pulled it off...

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