Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday Fun!

John kicked off what I like to call our "quarter of birthdays" this last Tuesday. We celebrate three birthdays in our house over the next three months. John turned 8 years old which is a huge milestone for us because that means (drum roll, please....) no. more. booster. seat! Yeah! We are down to one car seat in our van. Here is John's stats for his 8th birthday:

Favorite And not the gourmet variety. He requested Totinos for supper. So, yeah, we are raising a boy with real particular tastes. He says he wants to be a pastor when he grows up so at least we know he will be able to afford his favorite foods if that is what he ends up doing.
Cake choice....chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate was what he wanted and I was very happy to supply it. He also took chocolate cupcakes to school in our handy, dandy cupcake carrier. (Love that thing!!!)
Presents....he got a scooter for his birthday. He also got books (a lot of books and I think he has read over half of them at this point and they weren't little) and Kinex.
Favorite pastimes....legos and anything that requires building. He spent most of the day today in his room building a roller coaster.

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