Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fevers, and sneezes, and vomit, OH MY!

It is a gorgeous spring day outside and my windows are open and the Lysol can out. We have had sickness in our house literally for weeks. A couple of weeks ago we had a vicious respiratory flu go through four of the six of us and we really haven't all been well since. I was one of the two that didn't get the flu, but my body finally waved the white flag of surrender last week to the germs that had been plaguing us. I didn't have a voice most of last week. Just when I felt I was in the final stretch, I got the stomach bug with accompanying fever that Ashley brought home at the end of the week. The pretty much flattened me over the weekend. By Sunday night I was feeling more myself and noticed the sneezes of the youngest. And so it has begun again....Nathan and Ashley are down for the count with this cold. Fortunately it is just a really, really bad cold so far so no more school has been missed. So I say a giant "HELLO!" to this spring day. Welcome, welcome, welcome warm weather, robins and germ free (well, mostly) seasons!

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