Friday, January 18, 2013

John turns 9!

John turned 9 yesterday.  I feel like I missed out because I sent the day laying on the couch moaning.  The stomach flu hit me full force.  So thankful for my husband who took care of me and made sure John had a great day celebrating.  I don't have any pictures, but here is John in summary this year:

Favorite meal:  supreme pizza...he probably would have had them put extra olives on it if it had been an option
Birthday cake:  German chocolate
Toys:  It was a K'nex birthday for John and he was in K'nex heaven.  His favorite was the Mario Kart Wii K'nex...what is better than racing Mario Kart?  Building Mario Kart
Hobbies:  building K'nex and Legos and reading.  He is currently working his way through the Ranger's Apprentice series. He takes a break from that series whenever a new Rick Riordan book comes out.
What he is currently saving for:  a Kindle Fire (he's a Bad Piggies fan)

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