Saturday, August 17, 2013

St. Louis

Ashley and I did a girls trip to St. Louis last weekend.  I let her have control of my camera and take some pictures of our trip.  We started Friday night at a pizza staple in St. Louis---Imo's.  Saturday we did the zoo and the arch.  Then on Sunday we did what girls do....shopped.  We found an American Girl store...jackpot!
Arriving at the zoo

They have a new glass tunnel that you can watch the sea lions swim.  Pretty cool!

We petted the sting rays and small sharks.  Super cool!

Ashley got a great shot of this grizzly bear

Getting ready to watch a 3D movie

Can't go to the St. Louis zoo without the train!

This is why we didn't go into the penguin house....

We drove right past the stadium.  They were playing the Cubs last weekend.

She didn't want to go up in it....

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