Saturday, August 17, 2013

Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake Bay

Our family vacation this summer was to Virginia.  We had a condo near Williamsburg and were able to visit Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.  It was a history heavy trip but everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

A distant view of Norfolk Naval Base as we drove into Virginia Beach is just blue sky.  The jets were doing maneuvers at Virginia Beach and I tried to get a picture of them.  Unfortunately I just ended up with about 50 pictures of blue sky.

Virginia Beach....they had a beautiful boardwalk

We stumbled onto this museum.  It had wood carvings of all kinds of birds.

All hand carved

Just a few of the ducks that they had on display

We took a tour of the naval base but couldn't take many pictures of the actual ships due to security.  This is an aircraft carrier.  We actually drove right by it and other vessels...battleships, subs, etc.

You can't visit Virginia Beach and not go across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  It was still scary.  I thought maybe it was just scary the first time I went across it because I was a kid.  I was wrong.

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Kim said...

Chris has been to Norfold Naval Air Station and we have some very sweet friends stationed there. Looks like fun and I think we have a picture of that ocean god or whatever that statue is :)