Monday, August 25, 2014

Bush Baby

So Ashley woke up on Sunday morning looking like this:

Her eyes were completely dilated.  She looked just like a bush baby, and while it was kind of funny and creepy all at the same time, it was a little scary.  Go ahead and google causes of dilated eyes and you will be a little nervous for her too.  We drilled her with questions about other symptoms and of course her dad asked her if she had been smoking marijuana lately.  She had no other symptoms and she assured us that she had not become a druggy.   They looked a little better this morning but we went ahead and called the doctor.  A sure way to cure someone is to call the doctor.  By the time Joe picked her up from school for her appointment they were back to normal.  The doctor looked her over for good measure and the conclusion is that she was having an allergic reaction to an environmental allergen.  She may be back to normal, but I think the bush baby nickname may stick.

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