Friday, August 29, 2014

Where I've been

So the last couple of weeks I have been about a block from my house, hanging out here:

watching this guy:

If you look closely the second one in the back row has the last name Horn on his practice jersey.  That is Nathan.   In the first picture he is in the same row and he is the one running.  (These were ipad pics.  Hope to get my actual camera out to practice soon to get some good shots.).  I didn't get any pictures of John.  His team was away from the regular practice field last night.  They had gone to a different part to practice on the sleds which John absolutely LOVES!  This week was the first time this year I have actually gotten to watch them practice.  I took on a new role this year.  I am a board member now of our local JFL (junior football league).  I am responsible for registration.  So I have been consumed with making sure 103 table players paperwork is in order as well as all our flag and cheerleaders.  I have enjoyed it, but I missed getting to watch this.

Something interesting to point out....those of you who have seen John in his football uniform, may remember how he looks in it as he stands, walks, runs, etc.  (or that may just be a mom thing).  All the boys look alike when they are in uniform with a helmet so you learn to recognize your own kid's movements.  Those of you who know my boys also may know how different they are....they are built differently, act differently, etc.  The craziest thing happens when you put a football uniform on them though. They look just alike!  They stand alike and even run alike (Nate is still faster).  I can't get over it! They are definitely related when they are playing football.  I hope in high school they get to play on the same team at some point.  It would be so fun to have them both on the same field at the same time on the same team!

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