Friday, May 16, 2008


Joe got me a new hummingbird feeder. I had one last year, but it was left here by the previous owners and not in the greatest shape. So Joe surprised me the other day and brought one home. Yesterday morning I mixed the solution, put it together, and placed it outside my huge front window. The boys, especially, were immediately fascinated with the idea of hummingbirds. They saw some last year here at our house and at both Grandmas' houses. Their memory isn't real great though because they thought both the robins and the sparrows were hummingbirds--they both have beaks afterall (according to John). They also don't quite have the distinction between birds and dogs down. John immediately began calling the hummingbirds "Oh, hummingbirds there is a drink for you over here. Here, hummingbirdies, here hummingbirdies." We'll see if any of them respond to my sweet boy's voice.

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