Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Kickers

Sara's last soccer game of the spring season was today. It was a great season. Now before I give the stats I should tell you this is technically a "non-competitive" league--meaning they don't keep score. (As a side note, I think it is because of moms like me that they call themselves non-competitive. Many times I've realized that I'm the only parent, ummm, strongly encouraging their child. And my voice carries.... Sara did say that she liked it though and that I didn't embarass her!) Anyway, they added a championship tournament at the end of the season since they had to cancel a game during the season due to weather. Obviously, since it is a "championship" tournament we are keeping score. So, I decided that since they added the tournament that I would allow myself to keep track of her team's win/lose record. They were 3-1-1 during the regular season. And they won the championship tournament for her age group today. The score was 2-1. And, knowing that I am biased, I still have to say that it was a really good game--especially considering that it is 1st & 2nd graders. I was pretty impressed. Both teams were really playing as teams. And Sara had her best game of the season today. So here's to the "Kickers". Congratulations on a great spring season!

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