Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas at the Horns

Well, we have arrived home at this point. I've been trying to gather all my scrambled thoughts and so the blogging has taken a backseat. After we left the Snow Christmas celebration we headed south (not real far south, mind you) for the Horn Christmas celebration. I would share a few photos with you of our celebration, but in the New Year excitement I forgot my camera at the Horns (the Indiana Horns, that is). So, I'm afraid, you will have to use your imagination. It was days filled with food, movies, lots of wrapping paper, sharing in our nephew/cousin's first Christmas, skyping with the Uncle, Aunt, and neice/cousin overseas, lots of doing nothing and ringing in 2009. I almost made it this year--I stayed up until 11:30. I just couldn't do it the last 30 minutes--lame, I know.

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