Thursday, January 8, 2009

I know it's true...Ashley told me

We have a breakfast bar in our house. According to John it is called a breakfast bar because there are "bars" on the "bar" stools that sit at the breakfast bar (the support bars at the bottom of the stools). We had a five minute "discussion" (aka argument) concerning it because of John's statement "I know it's true...Ashley told me." I'm not sure what it says of me as a mother that my son trusts his older sister, who happens to me 6 (okay, almost 7), more than me.

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Mary said...

What really hurts is when your 5 year old trusts his 3 year old sister more than his own mother! That's what usually happens here. So take heart, at least you're trumped by someone who knows how to read and doesn't need her blankie to go to sleep.