Friday, January 9, 2009

John World

John spends much of his time in a different universe. We affectionately call it "John World". I've never been to John world, but from what I can tell it is full of cowboys & indians, race cars, submarines & sharks, dinosaurs, wild animals to hunt, guns, bows and arrows, houses made of Lincoln Logs and robots made of Tinker Toys. There is only one problem with John World. When John is in John World communication with earth somewhat diminishes. In fact, if you didn't know that John World existed you might think that John had gone deaf. So this last week we've been working on an effective communication system between earth and John World. It seems to be working with only a little bit of static. All I know is that John World seems like a really cool place and I'd like to visit sometime.

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Sparrow Wing said...

"John's World" sounds like a children's book...hmmm. I am picturing the full color illustrations of robot tinker toys as I type... :)