Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday John-John!

My eldest son turned 5 last Saturday. Wow! Doesn't he look old?We had a pretty low key day on his actual birthday. On Monday we all went to Chuck E Cheese. (On the way there everyone got into a big debate as to whether his name was "Chuckie" or "Chuck E". Then we had to discuss all the possible names that E stands for) And I can actually say that we had a really good time. We were there when they opened at 9am so that probably helped. John's favorite game at Chuck E Cheese was a video game he played with Daddy where they shot giant spiders and other gross bugs with machine guns. His cake of choice was a rainbow cake with white icing and sprinkles. And his supper of choice was Chinese BBQ ribs--I must say the boy has good taste. He did choose to have a mild version of them, but then decided later that he wished he had picked the spicy version. (He loves stuff with lots of flavor and is the only child I have who will request to have salad and raw onions. He LOVES raw onion.)

Daddy decided that this would be the perfect birthday to introduce John to Legos--pirate Legos to be exact. And he LOVES them! Especially the canon that shoots out canon balls.

When he was born, we were determined not to call him "Johnny". We have been fairly successful, except that Nathan wasn't really aware of that and has decided that is his favorite name for him. (Or, knowing Nathan, it is very possible that he is aware of it and that is why he calls him Johnny.) We have, however, taken to calling him "John-John" because, of course, everyone must have two syllables in their name! Anyway, Happy Birthday John-John--we love you!


Kendra said...

John-John!! Happy late birthday! I miss you so much!! ;)

Jenna said...

Aww, so cute and grown up in his COWBOYS JERSEY!

Horn herd mom said...

Dear Jenna you have obviously lived in Dallas too long. I hate to break it to you, but the Cowboys are not God's team as everyone in Dallas will lead you to believe. Look more closely, dear friend. That is a COLTS! jersey--Peyton Manning to be exact.