Thursday, January 22, 2009

our new toy

Well we took the plunge last week. We got satellite TV. I never, ever thought I'd have satellite TV. When I think of satellite TV I think of the absolutely huge, massive dishes sitting in someone's backyard. It has certainly changed. Now it is just a little thing that sits on my roof. And, I think, it used to be very expensive. Now, at least in our area, it is significantly cheaper than cable. Anyway, we got tired of our 5 channels and I'm sure if we tried we would have been able to find a strong enough antenna for the "big digital change" coming in February, but, frankly we wanted to watch Food Network, Fox News and The Outdoor Channel. And it has been wonderful! We also got a DVR so I'm sure our children will be clueless as to how TV really works. I can hear them at someone else's house "why can't you pause the TV while I go to the bathroom?" We pretty much record anything we want to watch and then fast forward through the commercials. And, with ours, you really can pause live TV which comes in handy at bedtime. So our viewing pleasure lately has pretty much consisted of hunting, 30 minute meals, hunting, Diners-Drive-ins & Dives, hunting, NICK, and did I mention hunting? You know you've watch a lot of hunting when Joe says "I'm starting to get picky about what I watch on the hunting shows." Here's a shot of Joe introducing Nathan to the art of bowhunting:

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Garden Girl said...

Yes, we gave up the Food Network a few weeks back so I'm slightly jealous of you. Actually, I'm more jealous because you probably have HGTV which I find easier to watch for expanded lengths of time.

Hunting, we never watched too much hunting. If Mike did, I made fun of it. Because, it IS funny! My dad is a life long hunter as well as my brothers and I can never see them talking the way they do on those hunting shows.

BTW - we just cut back on our cable. We COULD NOT give up our DVR - you're in trouble now. (although I hear you can use TiVo with over the air broadcasts)