Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free at last...

of the cast that is. Ashley's cast came off and the whole hand ordeal is officially over. You can see where the infection was in the palm of her hand in the picture. Her skin pretty much looks like that between her fingers as well. I must admit I feel like I need to retake my high school biology class. The final x-ray made no sense to me. I could still see where the bone was broken. The PA made an attempt to show me where all the new bone growth was and I nodded, smiled, agreed and hopefully pulled off my "I know exactly what you are talking about" look even though I was completely ignorant. We are just glad that it is over with considering it feels like it was a six month ordeal instead of a 4 week ordeal. Oh, and I told her that she better not break anything else for her entire life since we have no idea what she is allergic to--she had hives all over her forearm when the cast came off. How crazy is that!

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