Saturday, March 14, 2009

It just wasn't right!

Joe & I had a date last night and despite my whole lent participation thing, we decided to do one of our favorite date things--play gin at the local Starbucks. So I had a spiced carmel apple drink. It just wasn't right! The only thing that should ever be drunk out of a cup that says "Starbucks" on it is coffee. I should have just abstained from drinking anything--the drink tasted horrible, but I don't think it was Starbucks fault. My tastebuds were having a conflict with the scent that my nose was picking up--the wonderful smell of brewing coffee. The apple drink didn't really stand a chance to begin with.


Mary said...

You're much stronger than I! I would have caved before I made it through the door.

thehes said...

that is hilarious! =) starbucks does make a preeeetty good hot chocolate. maybe you should have done that & imagined you were having a mocha!