Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bittersweet goodbyes

Tuesday we said goodbye to our teachers from the last nine months. School was over on Monday, but stopped in to pick up the official report cards on Tuesday. The kids are always a little nervous to see if they will get to move on to the next grade. (If you know my kids, you know that this is never really an issue so it is always really funny to me that they get nervous.) This was one of the best school years that we as a family have experienced. Each of the kids "clicked" with their teachers. This was a big deal especially for Sara and John since these were transitional years for them...John starting school and Sara starting at a new school.Ashley and Mr. Capel (the dog sticking out of his shirt pocket was Ashley's departing gift for him); according to Ashley, he is the best teacher in the galaxy

John and his "favorite teacher", Mrs. Goines

Sara and her all-time favorite teacher...I think this will be a year that Sara remembers when she is my age. She and Mrs. Ward really bonded this year.

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