Friday, May 28, 2010

The gang's all here

Ah, look at the love. I didn't even have to prompt them into that pose. Yes, Nathan has joined us once again. And in the picture you can see something else that has happened at our house this week. One of our trees got removed...and for FREE! We had a huge evergreen that was eating up our yard. Fortunately it was also right by the power lines so the electric company came through this week and removed it for us.

So Joe watched the Sandlot with the kids a few weeks ago and since then they have been loving playing baseball. Everyday we've been having batting practice. This is what Ashley wore for batting practice yesterday. I couldn't pitch to her with out laughing. "Miss Grace" (remember the bowling ball incident and the broken hand from the stairs?) can't really swing very well. It is more like a ballet move. I honestly thought she looked more like a flapper girl who was out to play croquet yesterday. She was having so much fun...especially after she found out that I though she was hysterical. One of those time that I wish I had it on video...

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Kim said...

It's hard to admit, but she gets it honestly - at least from this aunt :) However, it sounds like she is much more graceful than I would ever be!