Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer has begun

So school's's what we've been up to....

  • Went to the movies. We don't do this often so it was a special end of the school year treat.
  • We started our summer book clubs. We've actually already finished the one at Borders and picked up our free book. I see lots of visits to the library this summer. I can't seem to keep enough books in the house for the girls.
  • The sprinkler made its first appearance. It was so great to soak up some vitamin D yesterday.
  • It is kind of list mania in our house as we are getting ready for vacation. I actually considered making a list of my lists, but I think that would probably be crossing the line into insanity.
  • Late bedtimes. We are starting to settle into our summer routine of getting to stay up later. The first few days of that are kind of trying on all of us because it takes a little while to actually start sleeping in .
  • Hanging out at the ENT--John & I were there forever on Monday afternoon. Fortunately I really like the doctor (same one Ashley had) and they were very apologetic. We got his surgery scheduled...July 7th is the day.
  • Nathan comes home today. We (well, those of us here...not sure what Nate's feeling is) are all completely pumped that he is coming home. I'm enjoying my last quiet morning for awhile.

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