Sunday, April 29, 2007

Daddy, please play with me!

Saturday morning was the first sunny morning we'd had in awhile. Last week was filled with rain. The children, especially John, were desperate to get outside. So right after breakfast he begged to go out and play. He got dressed and promptly stood at the door at 7:30am begging Daddy to go out and play with him. Joe, who was still trying to wake up, explained that it was still too chilly outside for his enjoyment, but that John was more than welcome to go on out. So John headed to the backyard. Five minutes later he was back in the kitchen looking for Daddy. Once he was found, his persistent three year old nature showed as he once again begged Daddy to play with him. Joe, again, explained that it was too chilly. John was ready this time proudly declaring "It has warmed up a little Daddy".

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