Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I turned 34 yesterday. I, of course, never forget I'm a mom, but on days like yesterday I seem to receive even more reminders that the Lord called me to the best job in the world. Here are some reminders of motherhood on my birthday:

You no longer get to lick the cake bowl. Instead, you get to clean cake batter out of your daughter's hair because, in order to get maximum cake batter as a 5 year old, you must stick your entire head in the bowl.

When your husband asks which favorite meal he can fix for you, you respond "pizza" because you know everyone will eat it and there won't be any complaints about vegetables at the table. (As a side note, my wonderful husband did fix the children pizza, but blessed me with salad, green beans, bread, and chicken cordon bleu along with a great cake!)

When you open a package, you make the children who can speak repeat after you 3 times: "That is mommy's. I will not touch it."

Two of the best moments of your day is when one child gives you as a present one of her precious lip gloss sticks (her most treasured possessions) and another comes home from kindergarten and smiles at me with her wonderful toothless grin and a freckled face.

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