Monday, April 30, 2007

Hair Day at the Horns--part 1

It was also splinter day at the Horns--at least for me. Somehow I managed to get two splinters in two different places on my body from two different pieces of wood. The one in my finger is still there, but that is for an entirely different post. Back to the hair, the girls' hair needed cut and I had a coupon that expired tomorrow, so this afternoon we made our trip to the beauty shop. This picture doesn't really show off the hair cuts real well, but I figured if I was talking about hair I should probably include a picture of the end result. As you can see, one likes her hair short (she probably would have preferred it be shorter) and the other likes her hair long (she definitely wants it to grow out again). Ashley (the one who likes it long) was convinced that they were going to cut her bangs too short. She scowled at the lady the whole time she was dealing with her bangs.

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