Sunday, December 5, 2010

Favorite Things--Day 5

Some of my favorite winter time things are things that make me feel warm. When we lived in Iowa the shotgun season was the second week of December. (It probably still is.) That week was notoriously freezing cold...I mean really, really cold. We'd be sailing along into winter and then as soon as Joe was ready to go hunt, the wicked cold weather would pour in. We are approaching the second week of December and even though we no longer live in Iowa, it still gets really cold that week. And this year is not going to disappoint. We are entering into some major cold (although I've seen colder second weeks of December). So here are some things that warm me up:

  • a fire in my fireplace: it doesn't even have to be giving off a lot of heat. For some reason, just looking at a fire makes me feel warm.
  • my sweater boots: Joe got me an early Christmas present a few weeks ago and they are my new favorite thing to wear now. They're not the most practical foot attire when the weather is crummy (they don't take water too well), but they are wonderful at keeping the feet warm. They are the only pair of shoes that I tend to wear around the house.
  • a good cup of coffee: coffee deserves a whole post to itself so I won't elaborate here.
  • flannel sheets: my sister told me the other day that she got herself her first set of flannel sheets and loves them. There is nothing better on a cold night then to get into bed and have the soft, warm flannel instead of the cold sheets.

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