Friday, December 10, 2010

Favorite Things--Day 9

venison. Did you know that technically venison is "the flesh of any game animal used for food"? I thought it was just deer, but my encyclopedia husband informed me the other day of this technicality. For some reason, I'm frequently tempted to verify his vast knowledge. This morning was no exception. As I sat down to type, I pulled up the handy and yes, he was right. I don't ever remember him not being right. You would think I would learn not to waste my time by checking. Here's the interesting thing though. That definition of venison is considered "archaic". Only Joe would know the archaic definition of venison. With all that said, I do love venison. And by venison, I do mean "the flesh of any game animal used for food." I can't really think of anything Joe has killed and prepped that I haven't enjoyed. Oh Yeah, I don't like wild duck. Anyway, I especially love that which is shot by the providing husband and then butchered in my kitchen. It is his way of getting to enjoy his hobby and loving on his family at the same time. It is also his way of bonding with his buddies. Last night he butchered his 6th deer of the year in our kitchen. No, he hasn't shot 6 deer this year. He simply enjoys (and is really good at it) butchering other guys deer...especially when the other guy joins him and it is his first deer. (Congrats Aaron!). So maybe this is a dual favorite thing...venison and the man I love who loves giving me venison.

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The Bullhorn said...

The word derives from the Latin vēnor (to hunt or pursue). Love ya, babe!